Desserts! <3

Hello, folks!

If you were to ask me if I am more of a sweet or savory kind of person, it’s no doubt that I would answer “sweet.” True, there are certain salty, savory dishes that I really enjoy (e.g. pasta, seafood, spam musubi), but most of the time I crave sweet foods. Seriously, I crave them.

Whenever I go to restaurants, the first thing I flip to in the menu is the desserts page. Long, descriptive lists of items like cheesecakes, pies, and sundaes just make me so giddy. And the enticing photos accompanying them don’t help, either.

Baking is also a huge passion of mine; I’m always flipping through recipes in magazines or checking them out online for the next thing I can make. I buy the ingredients, prepare them, and devour them. 😛 Granted, it’s not all of the time that the dishes turn out successful, but when they do, it’s such a rewarding feeling. 🙂

Although I consider myself primarily based in the pastry sector of desserts (e.g. pies, cakes), I am also eager to try out new dishes, whether non-pastry or outside of American culture. Because really, there is so much more to just the apple pie.

I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite desserts of all time. My goal is to introduce you all to some of the sweet dishes I love, as well as to make your mouth water (and in the process, mine as well). 😉

What are some of your favorite desserts? Let me know!

1. Pies. Pies, pies, pies…I don’t know what it is about them that I love ’em so. I am a sucker for double-crusted fruit pies, like cherry. Also a huge fan of Boston Cream Pie and pecan pie. Sooo good…

2. Cheesecake. So good, but so bad for you (then again, any dessert in excess is not good, anyway). But I love it. I just love the crust, the silkiness of the cream cheese base, and the versatility of flavors you can put into it. 🙂

3. Pizookie. A portmanteau of “pizza” and “cookie,” this dish is amazing when served warm. Top it off with vanilla ice cream, and you get a symphony of hot and cold tastes in your mouth. Really, it’s incredible.

4. Cupcakes. A classic- no questions asked. I enjoy the traditional flavors like red velvet and carrot, but also am open to trying bold flavors like cookie butter, beer-n’-bacon, even avocado! They’re also easy to buy and eat on-the-go: minimal mess, guaranteed!

5. Tuxedo mousse cake. I’m actually more of a pie person than a cake one, but my god, this cake rocks my world. Basically, it’s just layers of chocolate cake, cream cheese, and more chocolate, with the black-and-white color scheme resembling a tuxedo. Ah, I am in heaven~

6. Anything cookie dough. Forget just regular, baked cookies: from cakes to cheesecakes to the actual dough itself, cookie dough is amazing. True, one has to be careful not to get sick from the raw egg in the batter, but man, is it worth the risk. 😉

7. Macarons. Time to go French and praise this small, but glorious confection. The cookie base actually originated in Italy, but France took it to another level. They cost an arm and a leg to purchase (and hard to make on your own!), but the textures are so worth the splurge. 🙂

8. Shaved ice. Known as chua bing in Taiwanese, this dessert is perfect to cool off with on a hot summer’s day (although I’ve also had it in the winter, but still…). You can’t go wrong with the basics: shaved ice, condensed milk, and red bean. BAM. 😛

9. Boba milk tea. Another Taiwanese concoction, boba milk tea is actually, well, a drink. But the level of sweetness from both the drink and boba (black, chewy tapioca balls) makes it an enjoyable sweet treat. You can’t go wrong with the original, but I also like matcha green.

10. Baklava. Whether it originated from Greece or Lebanon, I don’t care; baklava is delicious. All of that honey and nut-filling tucked into layers upon layers of thin, phyllo dough just makes my mouth water. Seriously. 😛

– The Finicky Cynic


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