Free-Writing (Prose)

Hey, all!

Recently, I came upon It’s a Britta Bottle‘s free-style writing post, which you can find here. Even though I wasn’t nominated, I nevertheless was inspired to free-write, as it is something that I don’t get to do as much anymore, because of school, clubs, work, and other commitments.

I won’t be using her prompt for my exercise, since it’s been reserved for her nominees (which is completely fine). But I will adhere to the 5-minute time-limit and the word-count, no-editing rules that she has proposed.

…and with that, let’s begin! 🙂

Free- Writing, a exercise in prose

Well, folks. It’s been a long day at school, and I’m just swamped with ideas in my head. Werewolves and pigs just keep bouncing in my head, and my mind is on a mental road block that I can’t get out of. Flat tired in my head, unsteady camera lens zooming in and out and my focus on school is the last thing on my mind. I’ve never been good at free-stylin’ like Eminem, never been good at being quick on my feet in sports- how can I expect to write something so good, so meta, in five seconds flat? It’s free-stylin’, my friends, and no one’s going to care if you screw up- at least, not in front of your face. It’s delirious how this prose piece is turning out; I feel like a James Joyce character who has no clue what life entails. Like a cat eating her entrails upon the red hour of death. White snow falls in California, an anomaly for such a warm day in May. Who knows? Maybe I’m just insane. 30 seconds to zero to Mars, and I’m a comet shooting up, up and away. Warmups never were my thing, but I do them anyway.

No. of words: 208– Time: 5 minutes

Well…that was intense. Definitely not a polished piece, but well, it’s James Joyce-ian to say the least. I encourage you all to try out free-writing; I would be interested in seeing what you have to say (or write!). 🙂

– The Finicky Cynic


6 thoughts on “Free-Writing (Prose)

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  2. I’m glad I could inspire you. 🙂 This piece reminded me of slam poetry for some reason. I could visualize someone speaking it out loud in a such a manner. It was a pretty cool read.

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