Yes, it’s June! 😀

And with the start of June, it is also the start of summer! Well, almost…

That being said, I’m super looking forward to the month of June. Not only is it the time that students get out of school for the summer, but it is also the moment to get away from the burdens of work and commitments through travel. With summer, there comes more free time, more opportunities to take vacation days to recharge yourself, especially since you’re completely burned out from school, jobs, and whatnot.

Really, I am exhausted. Since the start of the Spring term in late March, it has been a non-stop roller-coaster of schoolwork, club commitments, job applications, and so forth. Just this past week, I was rushing to and from different places for multiple banquets, receptions, and induction ceremonies for my major department and clubs. It’s crazy how so many of these events just suddenly come at this moment in the year, when we’re almost done with school.

And speaking of school, I am almost done with it. Perhaps for the rest of my life. In a matter of a couple weeks, I will be graduating from college and, while I cannot wait to finish, I also am feeling a sense of…nostalgia. There’s so many people who I have met over the course of my four years at the university, many of whom I’ve come to enjoy being with. This last school term has been super hectic with all of the stuff that I need to do for my classes and graduation, but I just it all to slow down a little bit, so that I can find time to meet up and reconnect with friends and acquaintances who I haven’t seen in two years. Corny as it sounds, these people have touched me with their personalities and distinctive characters, and I greatly appreciate my experiences with them. And hard as it might be, I would like to continue to stay in touch with them after graduation, whether through social media or just meeting up briefly for lunch.

In any case, I feel that June is going to be at once a hectic and a stress-free month; it is all contingent on my graduation. As I count the days until I finish school, I will continue to work hard on my research papers (still in progress, ugh) and make the most out of my time with friends and acquaintances on campus.

With that all said, Happy June! 🙂

– The Finicky Cynic


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