Things I Learned in College: Senioritis

Ah, yes. Senioritis…

If you have ever been through senior year of high school, you know what I’m talking about.

Like really: it’s the last semester, and you just don’t want to do anything. You already know which college you’ll be going to in the fall, and all you have to do is maintain your grades in order to keep your spot safe. But seriously, it’s not that hard; you can definitely get by with a C in calculus. And since you just don’t really give a damn about school anymore, you’ve let a few days slip by, choosing not to go every day to class and just hanging out with your close friends before you all go your separate ways. At that point, all that you’re really concerned about is graduation and getting ready for Prom.

…that was high school. But I wouldn’t say that the final year of college is any different.

I used to believe that senioritis didn’t exist in college. Especially because the school environment is so fast-paced, you can’t afford to miss lectures or do poorly on exams and papers. Little did I know that I was wrong- super wrong. At this point in my career as an undergraduate student, I have noticed my classmates starting to…let go of this whole system of education. In other words, some have stopped coming to lectures, only showing up either to take the midterm exam or turn in papers. Other times, they turn in work late, but really, it doesn’t matter; they know that they’re graduating soon, with a decent GPA and a job already lined up for them right after school.

Besides academics, some have also given up on club and organization commitments; whether it is showing up less to meetings or just dropping it all together, club attendance has decreased quite significantly compared to the beginning of the school year.

And it’s interesting: I used to care about these things, about how students stopped caring about school and club commitments due to the fact that the academic year is almost over. I used to get mad at them for slacking off and not pulling their weight for the team.

But now…I don’t care.

It’s strange how my opinion has changed within these last two months of school. While I have been totally criticizing senioritis as a bad thing, I have to admit that I also am experiencing it, too.

Yup, I admit that I have senioritis. I don’t know when it actually began, but I started to feel burnt out in the middle of Winter term; at first, I attributed it to the fact that Winter terms, in general, tend to be hellish, regardless of year level. But then the same feeling dipped over into the Spring term, and I couldn’t quite shake it off. That was when I knew that I had senioritis.

What are the symptoms? Well, for one thing, it has been harder for me to stay motivated with my schoolwork: even with three research papers and a poetry portfolio due at the end of the school term, I am still having a difficult time staying on top of writing them. Especially when I have so many other things that I need or want to do (e.g. club activities, job applications, personal development, etc.). After having gone through the English major during my college career, I am seriously burnt out from writing so much. And I am still in the process of finishing up my research papers. Gosh those darn papers. 😛

I also admit to “ditching” club meetings just because I have been too exhausted and not interested enough to attend. Many meet later in the evening or at night, and I just don’t want to stay on campus for an entire day just for a meeting, when I would rather be back at my apartment and resting after a long day. Seriously, I’ve only been to one meeting for my magazine organization this term; with all of the setbacks and lack of communication throughout this entire year, I am so done with it. Goodbye.

Yet, despite having these “symptoms” of senioritis, it’s not as if I have been completely slacking off. Compared with the rest of my graduating class, my “symptoms” are relatively mild. I mean, I still go to every single lecture, whether I like them or not, and I make the effort with my work, as well as turn them in on time. I still stay committed to the organizations which are dear to me, picking up the slack from those who don’t. But still, I’m not as diligent as I used to be, just because mentally, I am ready to move on from college.

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t necessarily see senioritis as a complete curse. While I do not like it, I know that it is pretty much inevitable for students. Regardless of which year you’re in in college, everyone does get a bit of “senioritis” towards the end of the school year. Even the professors are mentally done; I’m sure that they are looking forward to summer break as much as their students are. What I guess I’m trying to say that senioritis is an actual phenomenon that just naturally happens at the end of the year, not an excuse for students to become lazy with school. Senioritis should never be about an excuse, even to begin with.

I have about a week and a half of school left and, even though I’m stricken with senioritis, I am confident enough that I will pull through with my schoolwork and other commitments.

How has your experience with senioritis been, if at all? I would be curious to know!

– The Finicky Cynic


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