Man-Crush Monday: Randall Park


It’s time for another “Man-Crush Monday” for the month. Today, I present to you Randall Park, an actor best known for playing Kim Jong-Un in The Interview (which I have some strong opinions against, but I won’t get into them…) and Louis Huang on the TV show Fresh Off the Boat.

As an Asian-American with strong ties to the culture, I am glad that not only Park, a Korean-American, is getting recognized in entertainment, but also the television show itself, Fresh Off the Boat, has become a success in mainstream, predominantly-Caucasian media.

Plus, come on: he’s a cutie. Who wouldn’t fall for that adorable smile? 😉

Give him some love, will you? ❤

– The Finicky Cynic



6 thoughts on “Man-Crush Monday: Randall Park

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