Food Poetics- Part 2 (Poem)


Happy Poetry Wednesday! I decided to write another poem regarding food, just because it’s just so fun to talk about. 😛

This “Food Poetics” poem doesn’t necessarily relate to the first “Food Poetics” poem that I’d written a while back (for the first one, see here). But I consider this one as continuing the food conversation, and so I hope you enjoy it! Bon appétit! 😉

Food Poetics

I tear through poems like presents

on my birthday: gorging nouns,

cramming enjambments into

my mouth like pickled pies. How

I love to let the sourness

swirl inside my cheeks, cutting

through teeth like vieux riche raw cheese:

so Gouda good. I melt the

metaphors on gas-light grills,

watching them crisp like rhymed rinds

on stain-steel similes. Time

to butter up, folks, ready

for the tasty, last morsel–

it’s a smorgasbord delight.

– The Finicky Cynic

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