Today is the Day!!!

Today is the day…that I graduate from college! πŸ˜€

Really, it’s been a long week, let alone a long, four years, leading up to this moment. In a few hours, I will be walking in my school’s gymnasium, along with thousands of other students, to celebrate the four-year journey through the university system. Administration is pushing to get the ceremony in and out within two hours, so it’s not like an all-day sort of thing (which would suck).

In order to ensure that Commencement doesn’t run over two hours, basically, we graduates 1) will not be called on name-by-name (because again, there are thousands of us; we don’t have time for that!) and 2) we won’t be receiving our diplomas then and there (they will be mailed to us over the summer). Simply put, all that we will do is stand up by department when we hear ours called (e.g. English, Chemistry, History, etc.), listen to a few speakers give speeches (including a “guest speaker” from outside of the university), and then we’re out. I hope that the two hours will go by quickly…I have issues sitting for long periods of time.

In any case, I know that not everyone who I know will be attending this ceremony, let alone any other ones for the major departments and Β Greek life. Some just don’t want all of that drama, and simply want to leave school with their degree. I see their point and I admit I don’t like a lot of drama, but I choose to participate in it because of tradition. It’s something that I’ve been doing since grade school, from middle school graduation to high school graduation (even though I look back on them and realize that those were nothing compared to the college level’s). I like the fact that my family can attend and be proud of me for coming this far in my young life, and share a part of that celebration with them. I also get to (hopefully) see my friends and those who have grown on me over the years, and being able to graduate with them (I say “hopefully,” because it’s not necessarily that we’ll be sitting in the same area, let alone find each other in the massive crowd after the ceremony. But one can dream.).

Again, it’s been a long process getting here, but I’m finally happy that I have arrived. I must go attend to pre-ceremony details. Catch you all soon! πŸ™‚

– The Finicky Cynic

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