Moving Out!

Hey, folks!

Ah, after a long graduation ceremony yesterday, and along with a tiring, traffic-laded ride back home, I just want to curl in the comforts of my bed and just SLEEP for the rest of the summer.

Alas, however, I cannot. I must first move out of my apartment, after having spent a full academic school year living in there. Although it was small for four people, and even though we had that bed-bug fiasco back in February (which to this day I still shudder at the thought of it), I am also blessed that it was intimate and close to campus.

Not only that, but also my roommates. I’ve mentioned this a bit in previous posts, but i am glad to have gotten to live with such wonderful people. Although we all came from different backgrounds, different majors and beliefs, we got along well. Even when things were a bit rough between us, and even when we disagreed over things, at the end of it all, we were cool with each other. Their kindness never ceases to touch me, and for that, I’m forever grateful. šŸ™‚

But before this post turns into a sap-fest for post-graduate nostalgia, MOVING OUT. If moving in wasn’t painful enough, moving out will requires some more sweat and tears. With all of the crap I’ve accumulated throughout the year (papers, notes, candy, kitchen utensils, clothes, etc), there’s a lot of stuff that I need to get rid of (aka throw away) before I even take them out. In other words, I ought to trash old papers and notes that I’ll probably never use again, in order to lighten up the load. That way, I will only have to worry about the big things, like my dressers, mattress, and desk (especially my desk, since it weighs A TON).

It is also that time of year when everyone else is moving out for the summer, after their leasing contract expires. I have until the following Sunday to move out, but I rather just get it all out sooner, since it will be less of a headache to do so. That way, I can maximize my summer to its fullest.

I admit, I will miss the apartment with all of its small, but memorable moments. It’s been a great first and final year of living outside of the university dorms, and I have definitely learned to become more aware, as well as independent, of myself when it comes to cooking, cleaning, and paying bills. Like an actual adult. šŸ˜›

That being said, I must go and attend to the moving process! Catch you all later! šŸ™‚

– The Finicky Cynic

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12 thoughts on “Moving Out!

      1. Lmfao. Ironically, I do the same thing. I haven’t did it in a while though. Don’t you hate those who post once and still get more “likes.” I envy those who get 30 likes when they publish and I keep scheduling and only get 10.

      2. I agree, it’s rough. But I just tell myself to keep going, and eventually, the numbers will go up. At the same time, I don’t let the smaller numbers get to me too much, as I understand that sometimes there will be off-days. Still, keep trying!

      3. I follow this one blog that posts random stuff. I know my material is better yet this blogger gets so many comments and likes. Either they are her real friends or she knows how to target the right crowd.

      4. True, there are blogs out there that are really popular, and I am sure that those bloggers have worked really hard to get to that point in their blogging career. I wouldn’t focus too much on the numbers, as long as you enjoy writing what you love.

      5. I do. But my blogging class of 2011 is nowhere to be found. I’m the only one left. I do enjoy what I blog about but I still would like to meet people with similar interests.

      6. I’m sure you’ll find bloggers with similar interests through writing. One way is to check who likes/comments on your posts, and visit their sites. Perhaps by taking the time to read other’s works, you will find common interests, and follow them! Good luck!

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