2nd Annual “June Jour” Challenge!!!

Hello, folks!

So, you might be wondering: just what is this “June Jour Challenge?” 

Well, I’m here to tell you!

Last summer, I was bored at home, reading posts on WordPress when the idea just came to me: I should blog every day for the rest of June.

Now back then, I hadn’t gotten into the habit of blogging daily. But with all of the free time and motivation to do so, I decided to launch my own little challenge, called the “June Jour Challenge” (jour means “day” in French). It was a way for me not only to pass the time before I headed off to France to study abroad in July, but also a way for me to get serious about my WordPress blog.

That being said, beginning around the halfway mark in June (the 15th, to be more precise), I dedicated myself to challenges from The Daily Post, rambled on random topics that came to mind, and even uploaded a video of myself covering John Legend’s “All of Me” on the piano (which you can watch here). Never before did I blog so frequently, and over the intense two weeks of writing, I became more…disciplined (devoted, even) to the art of blogging on WordPress.

It was a wonderful experience, and I found myself enjoying the experimentation with different writing styles and topics. Not only did the challenge develop in me a versatile angle in blogging, but also showed me how that very same versatility was the “niche” for my blog. In other words, I discovered that my blog didn’t necessarily have to be limited only to a certain topic or philosophy (e.g. beauty, travel, poetry, etc.), but rather encompass all of them into a single, large one. My belief is that having a blog with such diverse ideas attracts bloggers from across many spectra, and from there your voice will be heard. True, it’s kind of a marketing ploy, but nevertheless one that I genuinely enjoyed doing.

I admit, I blog every day now, but that won’t stop me from encouraging all of you to partake in the “June Jour” Challenge! This year, I am considering doing a “daily prompt” sort of thing, as means of helping you find ideas to write about if you’re lacking inspiration.

Here are the “rules” that you need to follow. They aren’t meant to be super strict, but rather guidelines to help you out:

1) Post at least one post each day, beginning on June 15th through June 30th.

2) Respond to the prompt that I give you each day. Granted, it doesn’t have to be super on-point, but if you can spin it around and make it your own thing, I would love that! ❤

3) Title of the post ought to include the day you are currently on for the challenge (e.g. “June Jour” Challenge, Day 1). But if it’s too much for you, don’t worry about doing it. It’s just a way for you to keep track of the number of days you’ve been blogging. You also get this feeling of accomplishment once you reach the end of it all, as means of looking back on it. 🙂

4) Share your post for the day with me! I would be interested in reading it, whether or not it is relevant to what I write that day. You can “ping” it to me, leave it in the Comments of my post for that day, or send it to me via email.

That’s about it! I hope you will find this challenge fun, even rewarding, for your blog. I will post the first prompt for the challenge today, in a few minutes actually. 😛

Now go forth, and CONQUER! 😀

– The Finicky Cynic

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4 thoughts on “2nd Annual “June Jour” Challenge!!!

  1. Hey! I am already doing a challenge, but summer break is going on, and I have some time on hand so I am definitely going to do your challenge as well! It sounds pretty exciting and I will ping-back all my posts to you. 🙂

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