Celebrity Crushes…(Asian Edition)

Hello, beautiful people!

Today’s post will be featuring, well, beautiful people. 😛 Specifically, I will be presenting my (male) celebrity crushes- Asian edition.

As an Asian-American growing up in the United States, I’ve been raised to find Caucasian people to be the standard of beauty in the world, and even had celebrity crushes on those who were white. But at the same time, there’s also plenty of non-white celebrities who I find attractive, whether they are Asian, Hispanic, African-American, etc. Really, if you have pleasant features, then race doesn’t really matter.

In any case, I have compiled a list of Asian/Asian-American male celebrities who I like. Many are actors, but some are also directors, comedians, singers, and even dancers! Not only do they look good, but they are also versatile in the entertainment industry! 🙂

Who are your favorite celebrities? Let me know! 🙂

Aaron Kwok- A dancer, singer, and actor, Hong-Kong native Aaron Kwok is a triple threat. And he looks so fit, especially for someone who’s pushing fifty. Damn…

Aziatomik (Bastian Demeusy)– okay, so he’s half-Chinese, half-French. But man, he is gorgeous. Not to forget charming on his Youtube channel. 😉 I like the fact that, although he doesn’t make a lot of videos regularly, you can tell that with each one he does makes, it’s quality.

Daniel Dae Kim- This Korean-American hunk has starred in Lost, Hawaii Five-O, and more recently in the big-budget film Insurgent. And oh my god, is he fit as hell.

Harry Shum, Jr.- Best known for playing Mike Chang on Glee, Harry Shum, Jr. is such a cutie. His dance moves are suave, and just everything about him is just so…smooth. I would let him dance for me anytime! 😉

Also, dance moves...
Also, those dance moves…

Ki Hong Lee- Seen in several episodes of Wong Fu Productions, as well as in The Maze Runner, Ki Hong Lee is an up-and-rising star in Hollywood. And he has such a baby face for a 28-year-old…what a cutie. ❤

Randall Park– already discussed this other cutie in a previous post, but it wouldn’t hurt to reiterate, right? 😉

Ryan Higa (nigahiga)- As one of most subscribed Youtubers, Ryan Higa (aka nigahiga) definitely deserves the top spot in the Youtube community. Not only has he been making videos since the beginning of the website’s launch, but he has also continued to make consistently funny (some might say “brilliant”) videos over the years. I always look forward to his new videos, as well as re-watching old ones for the laughs and memories. Keep on being you, man. 🙂

Plus, who wouldn't fall for that smile? <3
Plus, who wouldn’t fall for that smile? ❤

– The Finicky Cynic

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7 thoughts on “Celebrity Crushes…(Asian Edition)

  1. Cool post. For me, it’s all about an *attractive mouth* where the lips aren’t too thin or too fat and the teeth aren’t too large and if you turn sideways you don’t look like a Simpsons cartoon character.

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