A Favorite Poem (Issue #3)

Hello, all!

As you might know, I dedicate once a month to a poem by a well-established poet, whose particular piece has touched me in some way or other. I share them with you in hopes that you will be touched by them, too. 🙂

Today’s featured poet is Li-Young Lee, an Indonesian-born Chinese-American writer whose poems are, in my opinion, absolutely beautiful. They are the epitome of aesthetic imagery, in their details and vivid story-telling. They are wistful, they are sad, but most importantly, they are profoundly moving. You can almost feel the heavy weight in the poems’ lyricism, and I am in love with them. ❤

One of Lee’s best-known poems is titled “Persimmons,” which I’m sure you might have read before in school (it’s highly-anthologized in contemporary poetry). However, I want to share with you another of his well-known works, “Eating Together.” Not only does it make me feel hungry with all of its detailed food images, but it also connects back to family, a huge theme in his works.

With that, I hope you enjoy.

Eating Together by Li-Young Lee

In the steamer is the trout
seasoned with slivers of ginger,
two sprigs of green onion, and sesame oil.
We shall eat it with rice for lunch,
brothers, sister, my mother who will
taste the sweetest meat of the head,
holding it between her fingers
deftly, the way my father did
weeks ago. Then he lay down
to sleep like a snow-covered road
winding through pines older than him,
without any travelers, and lonely for no one.

– The Finicky Cynic

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