Thank You! (and “June Jour” Challenge Prompt (Day 16))

Hello, fellow bloggers!

Today marks the last day of the second annual “June Jour” Challenge! Thanks for everyone who had participated in the challenge and had shared their responses with me on WordPress; I greatly enjoyed reading them, as well as commenting on them. Whether or not you had chosen to respond to the prompts every day or just selected ones, I hope it had been a good experience for you in terms of developing your blog and writing skills.

However, just because the “June Jour” Challenge is ending doesn’t mean that you can’t still respond to the prompts posted on my blog! Feel free to refer to them for inspiration in the upcoming month of July, or even in the not-so-distant future, if you’re experiencing writer’s block. After all, they are for you as ideas to get the creative juices flowing in the brain.

That being said, here is the last prompt for this year’s “June Jour” Challenge. Thank you all, and until next year’s “June Jour” Challenge, stay classy! 😉

What have you learned from your experiences doing the “June Jour” Challenge? Feel free to express your sentiments, your struggles, and any feedback that you think would help improve the challenge for next year.


– The Finicky Cynic

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5 thoughts on “Thank You! (and “June Jour” Challenge Prompt (Day 16))

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