Turn Off Your Phone!!!

My first post to go viral…it’s crazy how technology is today!

The Finicky Cynic


Not too long ago, I watched this brilliant video titled “Phone Crack” (produced by JK Films) and, while funny and all, it got me thinking about how today’s youth- people in general- are just so damn reliant on their cellphones.

It really bothers me that, wherever I go- coffee shops, movie theaters, even airplanes!- people are always on their phones. Checking emails, FB updates, playing Candy Crush or 2048, doing I-don’t-know-what.

Granted, I suppose it’s justifiable if you’re doing so while in queue for your Starbucks latte or just passing the time. I admit, being bored does suck.

But when you’re with friends or with company, looking at your phone is not acceptable. Just…NO. Don’t.


Take this: imagine that you meet up with a friend, who you haven’t seen in years, for lunch and some drinks. To be in each other’s company, let’s put it that way…

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