3 Things- Jason Mraz (SSJ #2)

Hello, everyone!

Been really into this song lately. Not sure why, but maybe it has to do with the laid-back, folksy guitar kind of melody, or the fact that it’s tuned to G major (I believe), a major scale to which I’m quite partial; songs in this particular key tend to give off a happy, positive vibe, so perhaps that is why. Or perhaps it’s because of the fact that Jason Mraz is such a cutie. 😉

I have been listening to Jason Mraz since I was a teenager, although recently I haven’t been really liking the songs that he was putting out. But this song on his latest album Yes! immediately caught my attention when I first heard it, and since then I had it on repeat- still do! While not necessarily a slow jam, “Three Things” is light and uplifting that will guarantee to make you feel better right away. 🙂

Feel free to listen to the song down below. Have a good Sunday, everyone!

– The Finicky Cynic

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