Man-Crush Monday: David Muir

Happy Monday, my fellow bloggers!

Welcome to my monthly installment of “Man-Crush Mondays.” Today features David Muir, the current news anchor for ABC World News. Before he became anchor last September, though, he was still pretty involved with the news program, covering reports on the Middle East, weather disasters in the U.S., and also doing his own mini-series “Made in America” (his “baby,” I call it), in which he features products that are, well, American-made, along with interviewing the domestic companies who manufacture them. Kind of a patriotic thing to do, but why not? 😛


Hailed as “the Brad Pitt of news,” David Muir has used his good looks and charm to contribute to the success of his news station (unintentionally, of course. Well, maybe not; we’ll never know ;)).  ABC World News with David Muir continues to rank #1 in American nightly news, as well as co-hosting Good Morning America, which is also the #1 morning show in America as well. He is a busy, busy man, running all over doing show after show, morning ’til dusk, five days a week. Seriously, he’s a boss.

That stare could melt boulders..swoon~
That stare could melt boulders..swoon~

…and he’s definitely not bad to good at. Not at all. I first laid my eyes on him when he was still an ABC World News correspondent for Diane Sawyer, and since then, I’ve never stopped. 😉 And at least from his mannerisms on-air, he seems like a really nice guy. Really, he’s such a sweet, beautiful human being. ❤

...and that smile, though. What a cutie. <3
…and that smile, though. What a cutie. ❤

There’s even a Tumblr fan blog for him, if you’re curious for more of this wonderful man. Check it out here:

Give him some love, all right? Take care!

– The Finicky Cynic

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7 thoughts on “Man-Crush Monday: David Muir

  1. With all due respect… meh. He’s handsome, okay, but I admit I can’t see past how his newscast (and ABC News in general) is set up these days; when you start placing a great emphasis on viral videos and entertainment news in your newscast, that’s a big turn-off for me.

    1. Very true. Those “news” seem to trivialize the “world news” aspect of the program. Not to forget that most “world news” in America seem only to cover the Middle East. As if the rest of the world isn’t active.

      I guess those viral and entertainment bits, then, help break the heaviness of the politics and socio-economic features preceding them. Still, I do agree with you that ABC has been pandering more to the pop culture masses in recent years, perhaps due to its demographic shift towards the younger generation (20s to 40s). It’s all complicated, but it is what it is. :/

      …but you still can’t deny that David Muir’s a cutie. 😉

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