Inspirational Quote #2 (3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge)

Hello, again!

Having been nominated by My Overflowing Thoughts for this “3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge,” here is Day Two! Check out Day One here.

I first stumbled across this quote back when I was a preteen, in an anthology of teen writers and philosophers (remember Chicken Soup for the Soul series? Yeah, those were the bomb back then, in the late-90s/early 2000s. Good times). In any case, this quote is pulled from a prose piece by Max Ehrmann, titled “Desiderata.” Not only is the piece beautifully written, but its message is also uplifting and motivational- gives someone a sense of hope to strive and obtain that happiness in the world, no matter what.

…and to this day, I still hold on tightly to that idea. 🙂

Nominees for today’s quote are:

Living and Learning

Wanderlusty Writer

The Blog of Tony Burgess

– The Finicky Cynic

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