A Day at the Villa!

Hello, there!

So, as some of you might know, I was born and raised in Los Angeles- all of my life- and it’s insane that I have never been out to the Getty Villa- at least, not until this weekend! But with post-grad life in full swing and plenty of time on my hands, I decided to get a couple of old colleagues from college and visit the place on a Saturday morning. Set out with my car in the morning, picked up a few of my comrades along the way, and we were off! 🙂

For those of you who don’t know, the Getty Villa is an art museum located by the breezy seaside of Malibu. Adjacent to the world-renown Getty Museum (yes, there’s a difference!), the Getty Villa is home to thousands of Greek and Roman artifacts, sculptures, mosaic paintings, and so forth- all housed within a Greco-Roman-inspired courtyard (or “villa,” as its aptly named).

Although we came on a not-so-opportune day (dark overcast, rainy weather), the place still looked gorgeous. We were lucky to get a bit of sun earlier in the morning as we took a guided tour around the gardens. The fountains were absolutely stunning, even if the water had been drained due to the current drought:

In the Outer Peristyle Garden.
A view from the balcony.








We also took a stroll around the Herb Garden, which contained a variety of different herbs, fruit trees, and vineyards that were made to capture the essence of Greco-Roman horticulture back thousands of years ago:

Wheat: a staple of Greco-Roman food (surprisingly!)
Herb Garden.








Next, we went inside the Villa to take a look at the sculptures, art, and artifacts on display. Being a Greek mythology fan, I enjoyed the exhibitions, as I also refreshed myself with the gods, goddesses, demi-gods, monsters, and whatnot from the myths I had read while growing up:

A Greek muse.








After several hours roaming the Villa, we decided to take a break and get some lunch. The Café, albeit overpriced, nevertheless served some pretty good food, most of which were Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, as means of keeping in line with the overall Greco-Roman theme of the museum (I, on the other hand, ordered the “signature” Villa Burger which, neither Italian nor Mediterranean, was well-made. The fries were nice and crispy as well). Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of the food, since I was hungry and ate it all before I could even think about taking the picture! 😛

Rain started coming down really hard in the afternoon. After hanging out for a while longer at the Villa, we decided to go home. Driving back, we braved the heavy downpour and slippery, winding roads back, as I proceeded to drop them off at their respective homes. Again, being brought up in Los Angeles has made me so…accustomed to dry, sunny weather, all the time. Having it rain, then, was definitely a change in what I usually expect from the city. Call me spoiled, but…I’m not a huge fan of rain. :/

In any case, though, I had a lot of fun that Saturday. Not only did I get to go visit one of the most popular and beautiful places in L.A., but I also was able to meet up again with some of my old colleague-friends from college. Although I have been a graduate for over a month now, the university life still comes back to me. I greatly enjoyed each other’s company, as we had joked around, laughed, and marveled at the beauty of the Getty Villa together. There was also talk that we possibly might meet up again later this summer- maybe it’ll happen, maybe it won’t. Regardless, I had a good time, and from what I had observed, the others did, too. 🙂

A few more photos from the Getty Villa! Have a good day, everyone! 😀
















– The Finicky Cynic

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