A View from the Window (and Photo Challenge!)

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I took this photo yesterday from my bedroom window. I did so to show a friend of mine (who lives in France where it’s currently raining) how the weather was on my side of the world.

After taking the photo, though, I realized how fortunate I am: although I have been born and bred in Los Angeles all of my life, I never really paid much attention to the setting at all. This view from my window is literally three feet from where my work space is, and it wasn’t until yesterday that I opened my blinds to see how lovely it was. ❤

As you can see, my window opens up to a view of the hills. There are houses situated at the top, and I can’t count the times that I have been up there, considering that my school is situated there, as well as a few of my friend’s houses. From time to time, you can even see goats (yes, goats!) grazing on the sides of the hills; I heard that their owner brings them over to otherwise “trim” the grass, aka prevent over-vegetation of the land. I find that quite smart, actually. 😛

Right in front of the hills is a large, overgrown bush-tree from my neighbor’s backyard. If you look really closely, you will find that the plant is dotted with a few pink and purple flowers, which are quite lovely. I have never met that neighbor before, but I’ve always wondered if he/she would trim the plant anytime soon, considering that it’s spilling a little onto my house’s side of property. We’ll see. 😛

Telephone wires cut through in the photo, and I liken this to the fact that my neighborhood is so suburbanized. My city, let alone my neighborhood, is set up like a grid, in which the houses are constructed side-by-side, back-to-back in almost-perfect symmetry. These telephone wires, then, cut between the houses that are back-to-back with each other, thereby dividing boundaries in a straight-edge fashion. Hence, the “grid shape.” Sometimes, I see a few birds perched on top of these wires, and I’ve always wondered if they feel comfortable from that high up. Perhaps they are.

After writing all about this, I am inspired to start my own challenge, which I will call “The Window Photo Challenge” (sounds kinds of lame, but unless I can think of a better title, this one will have to do, for now). If you decide to take up the challenge, the guidelines are simple:

  • Take a photo of your neighborhood/hometown from the window.
  • Post it on WordPress.
  • Write a few words (or paragraphs, if you’re feeling particularly inspired) on how the photograph has meaning for you.
  • Tag anyone to take up the challenge.
  • Link your post back to me.

See, pretty straightforward, right? I will start by tagging a few bloggers who I think might be interested in partaking in this challenge:

My Overflowing Thoughts

Allison M.

It’s a Britta Bottle!

Honestly, Libby

The World Past Me

Anyone else who reads this is open to taking part in the challenge! I look forward to your posts. Have a nice day! 🙂

– The Finicky Cynic

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