Rant on inherent racism in America. Important read.

The Finicky Cynic

Hello, all.

For some of you who don’t know what “microaggression” is, it is a term that means to describe something along the lines of “unintended discrimination.” In other words, it is a behavior that, while the perpetrator might not have been conscious of, it has the lasting effects of intended discrimination on the victim.

Microaggression happens in all sorts of situations, such as race, gender, sexuality, mental illness, and so forth. But today, I will be specifically focusing on racial microaggression, just because, as an Asian-American woman, I have experienced many instances throughout my life that I would classify as microaggression. It’s something that continues to trouble me, and so I would like to share my personal experiences as means of making aware that this is an issue in an otherwise predominantly Caucasian society, let alone a West-oriented world.

Disclaimer: My intent for this post is NOT to lambaste white…

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