“Turnt” Is NOT a Word!

Teenage slang these days…and don’t get me started with “LOL!”

The Finicky Cynic

One word. One blasted word: Turnt.

I despise it. I really do. Why?

Let’s begin with the term itself: IT IS NOT GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT. In fact, it doesn’t even exist in the dictionary (and I’m talking about an actual dictionary, not the ghetto “Urban Dictionary”). Even as I’m writing this, auto correct is giving me the red squiggly line underneath the word, to indicate that I’m possibly misspelling something. Turnt turnt turnt. Seriously, it reminds me of “burnt.” Which the word is really going to scorch up in Hell for after I’m through with it.

I suspect that “turnt” evolved from the word “turned,” in the context of “turned up,” meaning to get wild and party and all of that jazz. It just sounds so…stupid. It’s as if you aren’t even making an effort at all to articulate yourself, eliding the “-ed” ending into a “t” when, really, it doesn’t take…

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