Night Changes- One Direction (SSJ #5)

Hello, bloggers!

Welcome to this week’s “Sunday Slow-Jams.” Today, I present you One Direction’s “Night Changes,” a song which is quite different- more quiet, more mature- than from this popular boy band’s other hits.

Now don’t get me wrong: while I do not consider myself a die-hard fan of One Direction, I find the members’ tunes quite catchy, and do appreciate a bit of fun, over-sentimentality from time to time. “Night Changes,” then, is no exception. 🙂

True, the song is corny and sounds derivative, but really, the formula works. Why not put aside a bit of cynicism (especially hard for me) and enjoy the soft crooning from the boy-band members for just a few minutes?

Also, who wouldn’t want to be the lucky date in the video who captures the hearts of all of the members? If I had the choice, I would choose the scene with Zayn Malik, because 1) he is (was?) my favorite member in One Direction (too bad he’s since left the group boohoo) :(, and 2) his scene at the Italian restaurant, with spaghetti and fine wine, is my ideal kind of date. Seriously, my heart~ ❤

Which scene would you pick in the “Night Changes” music video to be your perfect date? Let me know! In any case, enjoy the song! 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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2 thoughts on “Night Changes- One Direction (SSJ #5)

  1. Ciara

    I really wasn’t going to give this song a chance, but I really liked it! The music was nice; the lyrics were cute. Definitely will be listening to it a few more times. Also, I would choose ice-skating with Harry. I think that would be a fun date!

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