I’m Back!!!

Hello! Bonjour! Hello, again!

Oui, folks…I HAVE RETURNED! 😀

Well, not to the United States, that is…but back to WordPress!

I am still in France, as I have mentioned, for my eight-month, teaching-abroad stay. I spent last week in Paris with my family before leaving for my teaching station in another region of France.

So, second-time around in Paris…what did I think about it, you might ask? If I could describe my experience in the City of Lights in five succinct words, they would be:

Efficient. Tiring. Smoke. Painful. Fulfilling.

Yes, definitely a lot of emotions- very conflicting ones, too. To put it more frankly, I had mixed, even not-so-good, reactions to Paris this time around. I was utterly enchanted when I went last year on my own, but going with the family now made it a very different experience. I am pretty sure that my family had a relatively good time, but I wasn’t digging it as much- perhaps after I had seen what happened to tourists/non-natives (namely, my family and other visitors), I became rather disillusioned by the whole city of Paris. Not that I hate the city, but I realize that it’s not as magical as what the media makes it out to be.

Dang, this post turned really pessimistic all of a sudden. I assure you, though: Paris wasn’t that bad. There were still some good highlights mixed in with the not-so-good ones, and I am looking forward to sharing my photos and adventures throughout this week– so stay tuned!

I will also be getting back into my daily blogging this week, and hopefully until the end of this month, before I start my teaching job in October. Another thing is that now, I am roughly six to nine hours ahead of the United States’s time, and so whenever I (re)schedule posts and whatnot, the times will be slightly different. So look out for them!

Hope things are well with you, my fellow bloggers. Until tomorrow- à bientôt! 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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12 thoughts on “I’m Back!!!

  1. Welcome back!
    And yeah that did turn pessimistic really fast but that’s okay. Just a question, in what ways did you not like Paris? I actually plan to travel to Europe and would like to be aware of some things before actually going there. Thanks a bunch!

  2. So happy to see you back on the blog horse. So sorry your week in Paris and your first week in France didn’t go as you had hoped. Did seeing things again through a more mature set of eyes have a bearing? Don’t worry, I’m sure that’s common for everyone; as the saying goes, the sequel may feel awesome, though not as much as it felt in Chapter 1. Still, here’s hoping you still get to enjoy Paris and France. Stay safe. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Allison. You’re quite right: the “sequel” visit definitely didn’t live up to my expectations as did the first one. I’m planning to write a post on the reasons why I didn’t enjoy Paris as much this time, so look out for it later this week! I’m fine right now, though; hope things are well with you!

  3. Paris is beautiful… But it takes a good few visits to fully appreciate it. I hated it the first time I went but fear not the rest of France is still beautiful. Good luck I am sure it will get much better my friend

    1. My first visit to Paris was actually my favorite; I greatly enjoyed exploring the city that time. But the second time around didn’t thrill me as much, perhaps because it was under different circumstances. However, I am greatly looking forward to discovering the rest of France in the months to come. Definitely super excited!

      1. I have plans of traveling around the Haute-Normandie region, as well as to Lyon, Bordeaux, and Marseille. Definitely want to visit other countries in Europe as well!

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