A Weekend in Normandy! (Part 3)

Bonjour, folks!

Just like the weekend before, I went out traveling around the Normandy region this weekend. As usual, I will be dividing my posts into two parts to encompass all of the shenanigans that happened while out and about in northern France.

Without further ado, let’s go! 😀

On Saturday, I went to three towns along the coast: Fécamp, Étretat, and Le Havre. Although I had already visited the latter two during the previous weekend, I was going again with two other assistants in my region, who hadn’t been to those places yet; we had planned this trip a few weeks back, and so I was looking forward to meeting them.

Plus, I didn’t mind the *absolutely gorgeous* scenery that those places had to offer. 😛

In any case, I met up with a Canadian assistant in my town to catch the bus to Fécamp; we had actually met up the day before to get dinner and drinks, and so I was pretty comfortable talking to her throughout the day. Unfortunately, we had missed the direct bus to Fécamp at the ideal time that we should’ve taken it (the bus stops are still confusing to me; I vow to master the system soon!). As a result, we had to take the bus first to Le Havre, then catch it to Fécamp from there, in order to meet up at around the same(ish) time as the other assistant (and by “same-ish,” within an hour or ninety minutes of each other. Huge difference!).

The bus ride(s) were long, but we finally arrived in Fécamp a quarter after 12, where we met up with the other assistant in the teaching program. She was British, which definitely added a lot of “diversity” (in terms of English-speaking countries) to our group. Perhaps it is just me, but I have a fascination with accents, even with subtle ones like Canadian. 😛

Moving on: we didn’t spend too long in Fécamp, just because it was a relatively small harbor town with the beach (just as rocky as Le Havre’s) and a few old abbeys with areas where some dukes of Normandy are buried. Not much to see, but still, I found it a charming town:

Abbey of Saint-Trinity.
Abbey of Saint-Trinity.
Fécamp harbor.
Fécamp harbor.
In Fécamp.
In Fécamp.

After about two hours of walking around and getting to know each other, we took the bus to our next destination, Étretat. Since I had already been before, I *sort of* guided them to the cliffs (a nice, refreshing hike) for the scenic photos. They took a couple, and then we descended back down, where we stopped to rest at a café by the ocean for some drinks and snacks. We then returned to the bus stop, took the bus, and arrived at our final leg of the trip at Le Havre in the evening.

Went to our hotel that the British assistant had already booked; ran into a slight problem of squeezing in the Canadian, who was joining us for the night as well. It was complicated, but basically, it was a matter of accommodating an extra person into the original, two-person room. Eventually, we sorted it out, and we were able to fit all of us in the really small (and rather crappy) hotel room. Oh, well: at least it was only one night.

Dropped our belongings off in our room, then went out again to meet up with other assistants who were living in Le Havre for teaching; we had contacted each other via text and social media to meet up, and so we got together with three other assistants– two Americans and one British– for dinner. We went to an Italian restaurant, where I ordered gnocchi (can’t go wrong with some good, ol’ pasta!) and shared a bottle of wine (white or rosé? Can’t remember) with the other five assistants. Conversation flowed nicely, as some of us were more outgoing and initiative than others. But company was enjoyed, and we got to know each other better.

Finished dinner and left around 9 pm. We were hoping to check out some bars for drinks, but unfortunately, nothing was opened yet- it was too early. Eventually, we came across another Italian joint (with very few people) and decided just to get drinks there. I just got myself a beer, even though I’m not a huge fan of it. Talked a bit more before I, along with the Canadian and the British assistant, decided to call it a night and return to our hotel for some sleep, before another adventure the following day.

Arrived back around 11:30 pm, showered, then went to bed. Got pretty good sleep, even though my bed’s pillow smelled like dog, weirdly enough. It was a cheap hotel, anyway; what more was there to expect? 😛

I’m quite impressed that the three of us assistants were able to hit three towns in one day. Then again, they weren’t huge places, either, and conveniently straight down the Normandy coast. I was able to see a new town, as well as revisit and discover new things about the ones which I had already visited.

That being said, more of my weekend adventures to come soon. Stay tuned! 🙂

P.S. For my previous posts on Normandy, check out Part 1 and Part 2 here.

— The Finicky Cynic

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