My Top 25 Songs on iTunes

Hey, folks! 🙂

A while ago, I was tagged by Honestly, Libby to do the “My Top 25 Songs on iTunes” tag-sort-of-thing.

In other words, I can find out a lot about myself by just scrolling through my iTunes most frequently-played songs. And along the way, you will figure out just what my tastes in music are!

However, the problem is is that over time, I have reset plays on my songs when they begin to get too…overplayed. Kind of an anal thing to do, but it’s true. :/

Since everything is so jumbled right now, I am going to modify the purpose of this music tag and list the current songs that I’m jamming out to.

All right, let’s get a move-on, shall we? 😉

Top 25 Most-Played (Current Favorite) Songs on iTunes

1) Somebody Loves You (Betty Who)

2) Die Alone (Ingrid Michaelson)

3) Long Live (Taylor Swift)

4) Best Thing I Never Had (Beyoncé)

The music video is STUNNING. Swoon~

5) Not A Bad Thing (JRA Cover) (Justin Timberlake)

6) How You Get the Girl (Taylor Swift)

7) 3 Things (Jason Mraz)

8) Fall & Be Alright (JRA Cover of Justin Bieber)

9) One Sweet Love (Sara Bareilles)

10) Gone (Jennifer Hudson)

11) Stole My Heart (One Direction)

12) Another Girl Another Planet (Blink-182)

13) My Fault (Imagine Dragons)

14) Raise Your Glass (Pink)

How I fan-girl to this song!

15) America Town (Five for Fighting)

16) Sparks (Turn Off Your Mind) (Fedde Legrand and Nicky Romero feat. Matthew Koma)

17) Things Can Only Get Better (Cedric Gervais)

18) You and Me (Lifehouse)

19) Don’t Hold the Wall (Justin Timberlake)

20) Jealous (I Ain’t With It)- (Chromeo- Chainsmokers Remix)

21) Shape of My Heart (Backstreet Boys)

22) Step Up (The Cheetah Girls)


23) Shut Up and Dance (Walk the Moon)

24) Pop (‘NSYNC)

25) Christmas Lights (Coldplay)


5 thoughts on “My Top 25 Songs on iTunes

  1. Looooooove your list!
    P!nk is always feel good music to me. And Beyoncé ? That’s my fave Beyoncé of all time. And I loooove Ingrid michaelson.
    Did you hear Ryan Adams cover of How you get the girl? It makes the song sound so sad. I actually cried when I heard it.

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