Back From Vacation!

Hello, my dear bloggers/readers!

Yes, I am back from my work holiday. Just arrived back today, and never have I ever found the comforts of my flat to be so…welcoming. Yesss…finally… 😛

Not to say that I didn’t enjoy my twelve days off, sleeping in five different hostels in three different countries throughout Europe. I did enjoy my time traveling, but really, nothing beats returning home to a stable, living condition. As well as personal space, away from the public commons of the hostels. Man, it feels like I have been out for a month, although it was barely two weeks. Sigh…

In any case, I am excited to share my photos and adventures while backpacking around parts of Europe during les vacances de la Toussaint. Expect to see the first ones come up at the start of November, then extend throughout the week, perhaps more, depending on how much I can squeeze in without overwhelming you. ‘Cause really, there is a LOT. I will be finishing out the month of October with a couple of posts (one about Halloween, of course) before launching into my travel reflections.

All right, I need to go crash for a moment. Seriously, a late-night flight, along with an overnight stay at the airport, a train ride, and finally a bus ride back home, have exhausted the life out of me. Really, I have missed you all, but more on this blog tomorrow. Peace! 😀

— The Finicky Cynic
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