Vacation Posts Up Tomorrow!


After a nice (long) sleep after returning from vacation, I am ready to share my travels during les vacances de la Toussaint (All-Saints’ Holiday) with you! 🙂

My first post will go live tomorrow, on the first of November (because really, why not start off the new month with a bang?). 😉 After that, I will continue to post more about my adventures in Europe throughout that entire week, with the last one ending on Saturday, the 7th of November.

That being said, some posts will have multiple parts, as I had spent multiple days in some of the cities visited (and so require more in-depth accounts). Other posts will be one-time affairs, since I had spent no more than one night in those places. Each will vary, but it should not detract from the vivacity of the experience!

Since my posts will continue straight through the week, alas, I will not be having a poem for this coming Poetry Wednesday. 😦 Sad, I know, but I will resume it the following week for you. Don’t fret, my fellow poet-bloggers!

All right, that’s about it for me right now. I only have this announcement to share with you, as well as a Halloween post for you, which will follow this post shortly (take a look at it, if you’re feeling festive!). 😀

Until tomorrow!

— The Finicky Cynic

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