Why I Don’t Like Halloween

Why I’m not a huge fan of Halloween…

The Finicky Cynic

 (Taken from my old blog site, here I discuss why I do not like Halloween. Part 6 of 14)
It’s the last day of October, and what better way to celebrate the beginning of the cold, autumn-winter season with Halloween?
Not me.
As a child, I did not particularly enjoy Halloween. It wasn’t that I hated it; I just never understood why people would put all of that effort into costumes, decorating houses, and trick-or-treating. Specifically, I did not understand why people would go through all of that money for a single night of the year.
I remember during elementary school we were obligated to dress up and parade around the school grounds with our teachers and classmates. Instead of being fun, it was stressful: not only I did not have ideas for who I wanted to be, but also the trouble of buying the costume, which was…

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