Run (poem)

(Note: Hope things are well for you. Today’s poem is quite personal for me, as it was written during a conflicting time in my life. I was a bit unsure if I wanted to share it on WordPress, but decided to go ahead and do so. Here’s the poem. Take care.)


It’s been over two years since
that fatal realization had hit
down there, causing me to


and cease all things that would
wear me down.

Each step had brought me pain,
new, fresh like stitches that
just won’t heal


beyond repair, when your body
betrays you, the same one that
gave you food to grow and


the feeling of being breathless,
races that never wanted to finish
before sundown,

before countless therapies and
nights drinking to forget,
lost in memory of what could’ve been.

Two years, and my body continues
to reject me with every step taken to


But I move forward, still broken,
still practicing self-forgiveness.

And I’m not stopping, not giving
to my knees, laces tied around the heart
until it’s time to step out and


— The Finicky Cynic

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