French Terrorist Attacks


This will be a spontaneous post, as so much has happened already within a short span of twenty-four hours in France. Forgive me in advance if this post seems unedited or all over the place, but in any case, here are the facts:

As you have probably already heard, there were acts of terrorism that affected Paris on the night of November 13th. From what I have read so far, there were eight assailants who rampaged the city, from suicide bombs at the Stade de France, gunshots in a neighborhood café, and more gunshots at the concert hall Bataclan, where some of the concert-goers were taken hostage.

In total, around 120 people were killed, while many others were wounded.

This is the second time this year that an act of terrorism has affected Paris, let alone France. From the shootings at the Charlie Hebdo headquarters in January (“Je suis Charlie”) to this moment in November, it terrifies me that, having come from a nation with so much gun violence, living abroad in France also has its terrifying acts.

We must not also forget the Beirut bombings that happened in Lebanon at around the same time, which left 44 dead, and over 230 wounded. Crazy how the world is, isn’t it?

Since you know that I am currently situated in France with my teaching job, I would like to let all of you know that I am safe and well. I am based in the Normandy region, about two hours west of Paris, so I am fine. Still, I thank those who have sent me their well wishes and concerns for my safety, as they mean a lot to me.

Again, it’s a shame that, no matter where one is based, there continues to be acts of hate and violence all over the world. While most of us aren’t affected by it, we should give our condolences and love to those who have, as well as stay strong during this tumultuous period.

Thank you, and take care.


— The Finicky Cynic

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12 thoughts on “French Terrorist Attacks

  1. cherry

    Glad that you are safe . And I agree with what you said … We are with all those people in Paris who lost their beloved ones today.

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