Woman Crush Saturday: Sara Bareilles

Hello, lovely people!

“Woman Crush fill-in-the-day-here” is BACK! While I have mentioned this month’s current crush before, wouldn’t hurt to reiterate, right? 😉

Today, I present Sara Bareilles, one of the most beautiful and talented singers…ever! I mean, look at that face:

Taken from XtremeWalls.com

I first heard her songs when I was still in high school, when she first debuted with her single “Love Song.” Quite popular back in 2007, as I would often heard it on the radio. At first, I didn’t think much of it, as it, while catchy, didn’t stay with me for long.

However, when I stumbled across her song “Gravity” (which I actually posted for my “Sunday Slow-Jams” here), I was HOOKED. Such a beautiful song, with a beautiful atmosphere and voice.

Yes, her voice is wonderful. A blend of sultry and pop-modern, her versatility has allowed her to jump from genre to genre, from blues to pop to alternative. Seriously, she’s awesome.

Taken from sarabfans.com
Cute with a hat, too!

I would recommend first listening to her debut album, Little Voice, in order to get introduced to her style. Best picks on the album are “One Sweet Love,” “City,” and “Gravity.” Her second album, Kaleidoscope Heart, has some good tunes, too, with clap-catchy single “King of Anything,” as well as the slow-burner “Breathe Again.” I found her most recent album, The Blessed Unrest, a bit too pop-commercial for my taste, but still, the songs on there were light-hearted and sweet. ❤

However, I would definitely recommend her EP, Once Upon Another Time. Although only five tracks, each hold incredible depth and beauty in their charming, even cheeky (“Sweet As Whole”) lyrics and tune. Really, I encourage you to listen to them!

I was incredibly fortunate to have seen her in concert in Los Angeles when I was in college, and even though she showed up two hours late (which I wasn’t too thrilled about, but…), she gave a solid performance with songs from Kaleidoscope Heart and Little Voice. 

Doesn’t hurt that she is lovely, in her distinctive way. She doesn’t fit the typical mold when it comes to female beauty, especially in a predominantly-Caucasian society. Yes, she is white, but her angular features (nose, face, body) set her apart from, say, the models on Glamour or Elle. Plus, her quirky, even raunchy, humor makes her even the more attractive…

Taken from The Record Blog
That profile, though…

…but I’m rambling for too long! I will stop here, and say that Sara Bareilles, you have my heart. Since forever and always. ❤

Give her some love, will you! Have a nice weekend, everyone!

— The Finicky Cynic

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2 thoughts on “Woman Crush Saturday: Sara Bareilles

  1. Sara Bareilles is an amazing voice and songwriter. Gravity is a song that for me has many meanings. My mother’s battle with cancer that eventually took her life is one. But listening to it again it speaks to me of an abusive relationship I am still trying to overcome the hold of. I was streaming a channel with “new pop music” the other week and her new song She Used to Be Mine came on. Tears overflowing, but I love it!

    1. Very touching; I’m glad that SB’s songs hold so much meaning for you. Yes, I recently listened to “She Used To Be Mine,” and again, it blew me away! Lovely song. 🙂

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