Black Friday

Ready for the madness?? It’s Black Friday!

The Finicky Cynic

Hello, all.

So…Black Friday happened.

For those who don’t know what Black Friday is, it is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day where stores all over the nation have sales. Usually, for Christmas shopping season. It is to officially initiate the start of the holiday season.

I don’t really care that much for shopping, especially when it comes to clothes. There isn’t anything that I really need at this moment, and so I remain indifferent.

But still: I went.

Why, you might ask? Basically, a friend who I haven’t seen in a few months was back in town over Thanksgiving Break invited me to do it. So basically, I went just to hang out, not for shopping.

I did, however, try to get into the buying spirit by going with her from store to store, checking out the merchandise (some looked pretty good, actually) and whatnot. I ended up…

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