Penguin- Christina Perri (SSJ #13)

Happy Sunday, everyone!

This week’s “Sunday Slow-Jams” features one of my favorite songs from Christina Perri, a singer-songwriter best known for her hits like “Jar of Hearts” and “Human.”

Now at first, I didn’t really care for Perri’s “Jar of Hearts,” nor her album lovestrong. Not sure why, but perhaps it was due to the fact that many of her songs sounded the same (e.g. slow, laid-back guitar, etc.), which I supposed isn’t bad, but felt a bit…boring.

However, after a few more listens, they grew on me. That is why I chose to feature her song “Penguin,” a title which not only features my absolute favorite animal (I love penguins. So much.), but also is a sweet, touching melody about fate, love, and devotion to your “soul mate.”

I suppose the reason it’s called “Penguin” is because penguins themselves mate and bond for life. For four minutes and thirty-seven seconds, Perri croons a calm, soothing, almost therapeutic song, and the song’s bridge (“Let go/ Let go/ Of time for you/ And I”) is absolutely beautiful. ❤

Give this a listen, will you? Otherwise, enjoy your Sunday! 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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