Woman Crush Saturday: Traci Dinwiddie

Hello! Happy Saturday. 🙂

For this month’s “Woman Crush fill-in-the-day-here,” I feature no other than the beautiful Traci Dinwiddie, an actress known for her roles in the hit TV series Supernatural, as well as in the LGBT film Elena Undone (opposite Necar Zadegan, who I’ve featured before in a previous “Woman Crush” post).

Taken from OkMalta.

Not only is she unbelievably gorgeous, but she is also very proactive in many organizational causes. She has been vocal about her support for the LGBTQI community (as she has stated in interviews, she identifies as bisexual), as well as into fitness and staying healthy, even doing the AIDS/Lifecycle to help find a cure for AIDS. Seriously, she is ripped: if you’ve ever seen her #FitnessFriday regime on her Youtube channel, you will see that she is a hard-core bad ass when it comes to working out! For her age (42), she is amazingly fit! 😀

Anyone thinks that she would make the perfect Superwoman?? I think so!

Taken from Pininterest
That bicep, though…

Her quirky personality on the Internet has also earned her a great following, albeit a cult-ish one (but a good one, nonetheless!). Heck, the caption of her website reads: “Actress. Yogini. West African Drummer. Part~time badass. Full~time fruitcake!” From her hilarious #MoustacheMondays to her travels around the world, Traci definitely knows how to entertain her audience! You can find her blog posts here.

Taken from AfterEllen

Give this amazingly underrated woman some love, will you? Enjoy your day!

— The Finicky Cynic

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