My Top Ten Posts of 2015!


Inspired by Opinionated Man’s post here, I decided to take it upon myself to choose my top ten posts that I have written (so far) in 2015. Granted, I know that there are still a couple of weeks until 2015 ends, but considering that I will be going on vacation soon (and have limited access to Internet), I thought that I would get a start on it! 😀

Now, the way that I am basing my list is on how I personally felt while writing the posts, from January to December, and afterwards how I felt about their reception in the blogging community. I would like to stress that this is not necessarily based on the number of “likes” or comments that I received- yes, I have noticed that my so-called “best” posts have garnered a lot of attention on WordPress, but there are also many of which have not. That is to say, my top ten posts of 2015 is about everything, and everywhere.

I admit, I had a difficult time cutting the list down to a mere ten posts. Considering that I had blogged almost every single day this year (with the exception of holidays and whatnot), I started out with double the amount of selection (twenty-plus) before limiting to half of it. Wasn’t the easiest decision, but in any case, here they are.

Besides sharing with you my top-ten posts of 2015, I will also provide commentary as to why I chose each one. From the quirky to the serious, all of these posts have stayed with me to this day, to the point that I would choose to share them with you again- and again. Enjoy! 🙂

1. Let’s Talk About Sex… (January 22nd, 2015). What better way to start off the 2015 year with the topic of sex? 😉 In any case, this post expresses my frustration with the fact that society is just so obsessed with this otherwise biological activity, making it “sell” when it comes to literature and media. Also found it touching that some of you got a kick out of the punch-line, “Literally, you can go fuck yourself.” How very endearing…

2. My Taiwanese-American Identity (February 5th, 2015). For those who don’t know, I am of Taiwanese descent. Here in this post, I express my thoughts on my roots, from learning Chinese, my experiences growing up in a mixed-culture household, and coming to terms with the pride and shame of being Asian-American. I am sure that many people out there who are of minority status can relate to this post, whether Asian or not.

3. Myths about English Majors…BUSTED!!! (April 23rd, 2015). Definitely had fun while writing this post; written back when I was still in school (and majoring in English, of course), I aimed to dispel (or, as the title shows, “bust”) the common misconceptions of what it means to be an English major, one of which has been long thought to be a “useless” field of study (so not true!). For budding English majors out there, this post is for you.

4. Some Counseling Notes… (June 6th, 2015). One of my darker posts, I open up about my addiction to alcohol during college, as well as my experiences in counseling and what I learned from it. Now, I can say that I’m doing well; while I still drink, I don’t rely on alcohol so much to escape, but rather only for social occasions with friends. All in moderation, and I’ve chosen not to purchase and keep any liquor in my flat. I’m proud to say that I’m clean.

5. Microaggressions…SUCK! (June 7th, 2015). On the topic of race and discrimination, what many people aren’t aware of is that microaggressions (a more implicit form of racism) can also hurt, too. In this post, I incorporate some of my personal experiences as a person of color in the United States to make the point that any comment, any assumption about one’s background, is a sensitive topic.

6. How to Survive College! (The Finicky Cynic Edition) (June 23rd, 2015). Considered one of my longest posts, “How to Survive College” was inspired by my four years while in college, as well as the fact that I had just graduated from there only a week before. I offer advice and tips to those who are (or about to start) in college, in order to make the next few years a fun and (relatively) smooth experience. I definitely encourage you to check it out!

7. Gun Control in the United States (August 2nd, 2015). Inspired by a summer of much violence and deaths by shooting, I was impelled to vocalize my *rather strong* opinion on guns and gun control in the United States. What still devastates me is that, even now in December, I continue to hear about these shootings, seemingly every day. Makes me ashamed that nothing has been done about this, as well as makes me ashamed to call the nation my home.

8. My Bucket List for Europe! (August 28th, 2015). Written about a week before I headed off to France, this wanderlust-filled post is also a list for posterity, to be filled up and completed by the time my stay in Europe is over in the following year. Haven’t been to all of the places that I listed (not even close!), so better get on that! 😛

9. Racism in France (October 10th, 2015). I’m noticing that many of the posts that I’m most proud of discuss the issue of race. I think it’s especially important for me, considering that I am considered a minority, basically in all of the Western countries. France is no exception; while it hurts to have encountered some not-so-lovely moments while abroad, hopefully through educating others about the importance of open-mindedness and tolerance will yield fruitful results in the long run.

10. Run (poem) (November 11th, 2015). Speaking of “run” (liked that smooth transition that I did there?), I wrote this rather personal poem about a subject that is pretty self-explanatory if you read it. Still coming to terms with it, but for now, it seems like things are moving towards the better.

*honorable mention!* 500 Follows on WordPress! (and Announcement!) (May 15th, 2015). With 110 likes and plenty of touching comments, this post celebrated my 500-WordPress follow milestone. I had worked so hard during those last one-and-a-half years, and my hard work was acknowledged! I’m currently in the process of reaching 1000 followers which, within a span of merely six or so months, is incredible! Thanks to those who continue to read and follow my blog. ❤

…and voilà! There you go, my top ten (or rather, eleven) posts of 2015! Again, thank you to Jason, aka A Opinionated Man, for inspiring this post, and perhaps when the end of 2016 rolls around, I’ll make another post like this one! Thanks for putting up with me so far this year, and there’s more to come soon, above and beyond! Take care. 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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4 thoughts on “My Top Ten Posts of 2015!

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  2. Happy ‘slightly belated’ Blogiversary, my friend. I was just having a look at your top posts and I was slightly taken back (in a good way) by your topic choices. I’m going to bookmark this page, so I can go back and read some of them.There are a few that stood out for me.

    Here’s to 2016! *raises glass*

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