I’m Back!!! (and Happy New Year!)

Taken from minions2015.com.

Hello! (and a very happy 2016 to you!)

Yes, I am back from my winter vacation! Oh man, it’s been a long, two-week journey: basically, I was traveling non-stop throughout three different countries (technically four, if you count France, but I live here, so…), shuttling myself from city to city, staying in numerous hosts’ places, and exploring as much as I could with the limited time that I had. 🙂

As you know, I did not tell you beforehand where I was going for the holidays, in order to keep myself secured as well as make it a surprise for you.

Now for the big reveal: Where did I go?? 

Answer: the United Kingdom and Ireland!

So there you go. For sixteen days, I was pretty much backpacking all throughout the countries of England, Ireland, and Scotland (unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to visit Wales or Northern Ireland, but it’s fine), staying in both the big cities like Dublin, Edinburgh, and London, while also the smaller towns like Cork, Canterbury, and Dover. Met a lot of different and amazing people during my adventures across the channel, as well as got to experience the incredible beauty of the countries (and countryside, of course!).

But before I get more excited and start rambling on this post, I will stop here. Just like last time, with my October travels during les vacances de la Toussaint, I am going to write and schedule posts on each country, each city, that I had visited- every day for this upcoming week on this blog! Starting tomorrow, you will be able to follow my adventures in the United Kingdom and Ireland, from start to finish until the end of the week. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did!

Looking forward to this! Once again, welcome to the new year. Let’s make 2016 even better than 2015! Cheers. ❤

— The Finicky Cynic

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19 thoughts on “I’m Back!!! (and Happy New Year!)

  1. gryffindorqueen

    I love love LOVE reading your travel stories! As a future vagabond, waiting to embark on the wanderlust (atleast till I earn haha), your posts are amazing!
    Never stop 🙂
    And Happy New Year!!

    1. Thank you! Your words are too kind. Traveling is such a rewarding experience, and I do hope you get to embark on your own soon. Happy New Year, and take care!

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