My Year in Review… (Highlights of 2015!)


Inspired by Sincerely, Sammy’s post, I have decided to take it upon myself to list out a few of my highlights from 2015. Although it sounds trite, it is true to say that so much happened for me in the past year- from the wonderful to the not-so-wonderful to everything in between.

If I could sum up the year in only a few words, they would be: ecstatic, independent, adventurous, celebratory, and initiative. I would say that, overall, 2015 had been a good year- full of milestones that have now become my stepping stones as I venture into the big, ever-expanding world.

But enough of the general stuff: without further ado, I list my highlights…of 2015!

1. January: Had my poem officially published for the first time in a literary journal! That, and a couple more followed in the months after. Poetry is a big part of my writing life, and I couldn’t stop, if I wanted to.

2. March, Part 1: Came out to my parents over spring break…at the same time that I realized that I had a drinking problem. Wasn’t the best point in my life, but thankfully I (along with my parents) caught my issues and worked together to fix them.

My trip to Monterrey.

3. March, Part 2: At the same time, I traveled twice over spring vacation, first to Albuquerque with two of my English-major buddies for an academic conference (a wonderful time…got to bond more with my homies. :P), and then to the Monterrey area with my family for the second half. Both trips rekindled my love for traveling, and has since inspired me to go out and discover new places, new destinations.

4. April: Was accepted to the teaching program in France! I was absolutely head over heels when I found out: not only would I have something to do after graduation, but also I was going to live in France! Oh là là! 😉


5. June: Graduated from college! All of my four years had paid off, and I was ready to go out into the big, crazy adult world. Attended three different ceremonies over one weekend (exhausting), and share many bittersweet, last-moment memories with all of the people who I’ve met over the years. Looking back, I admit that I do miss college…just a little bit.

6. July, Part 1: Spent much of the month hanging out with a dear poet-friend of mine, since she was at home for summer break after med school. We wrote a lot of poems together- that month was also when I produced the most amount of poems since…ever. Really, the creativity level was on high, as I found myself inspired and re-inspired almost every day. ❤

7. July-August: Also hung out with friends back from college, as well as from my hometown; we took a *rather adventurous* trip to the Getty Villa one weekend, then to LACMA the other. Explored a lot more of the city than I had ever did before in my life! Discovered plenty of places (restaurants, museums, landmarks) that I’m now proud to say makes me happy to be in Los Angeles.

8. September: Off to France- finally! After getting all of my paperwork and VISA work done, I set out overseas to begin my post-grad life in a new country. Spent the first week in Paris with family before moving over to Normandy to settle in. Did a bit of traveling around the region before starting work, as well as meeting other teaching assistants.

Old Town Square.

9. October: Had my first, two-week vacation from work (les vacances de la Toussaint), of which I used to travel outside of France for the first time. Visited Lille, along with Belgium and Prague in the Czech Republic. Met up with some wonderful people, with whom I continue to correspond to this day. It was also my first taste of traveling independently, without my family to pay or guide me through the process- intimidating at first, but also very exhilarating! 😀

10. December: Second holiday, this time to the UK/Ireland! Definitely much more intense than the first vacation round, as I was busy hopping from city to city over two weeks. A lot of traveling, but I was able to enjoy sampling each place along the way. And the Scottish Highlands were absolutely gorgeous!

Now, from what I’ve listed here, it appears that the majority of my highlights have been related to travel…which is true! 2015 was definitely a year for travel, as well as developing new connections with friends, family, and acquaintances. Here’s to more unexpected and exciting moments in 2016! 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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