This Year’s Love- David Gray (SSJ #15)


…and welcome to this year’s first installment of “Sunday Slow-Jams.” 🙂

Yes, being that it is the start of a brand-new year, I thought that I would share a song that is apropos for this particular time, right after the New Year’s celebrations and everything.

David Gray’s “This Year’s Love” is quite old (well, the late-1990’s, but whatever…), but nevertheless is still timeless with its theme of love and forgiveness. Perhaps it’s due to its ballad-like structure, but the song feels very…wintry. New Year’s, in fact. Reflective, brooding, but also hopeful. Really, it’s lovely. ❤

I actually first discovered this song through Boyce Avenue’s cover on Youtube, which is just as pleasant to listen to as the original. If you have the time, I would also recommend checking it out:

Any case, enjoy your Sunday (and the last of the weekend, too!). 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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