I Went to Switzerland?!!

Are you surprised? 😉

…and to answer your question, yes.

Last week, I took a brief, five-day trip to Switzerland. Now, I hadn’t planned on going anywhere that week, since I was supposed to be working. But my colleagues had broken the news to me the week before that, well, I didn’t need to show up to work! Reason being was that les terminales (equivalent of high-school seniors) were in the process of taking their mock exams for the baccalauréat (or le bac, for short), and so I didn’t need to teach their classes.

Basically, I taught only on Monday and Wednesday (no classes on Tuesday, which was a bit awkward), and only taught les secondes that entire time. After my last class on Wednesday, I was free for the weekend! 😀

Without much thought, I booked myself all of the way to Switzerland, and from there, it was non-stop traveling! In a span of short, five days, I visited five different cities: Geneva, Lausanne, Bern, Lucerne, and Zurich. All wonderful places, and all incredibly beautiful. ❤

However, in fear of getting carried away with all of the little details that happened during my trip, I will save them for another time. Perhaps I will break them into several posts over the span of several days, maybe a week. Until then, I need a break, as I have just returned since yesterday (and it was late, which didn’t help considering that I had to come in to work early today).

Any case, you will get the posts soon! Until then, welcome back! 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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19 thoughts on “I Went to Switzerland?!!

      1. Yup, true. I grew up with those slides, and still actually show them from time to time with the family! Either way, sharing a bit of yourself through these adventures is what it’s all about.

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