Destination: Lausanne, Switzerland

Hello, folks!

Welcome back to my next installment of my five-day getaway to Switzerland during the last week of January. After having visited Geneva, I was headed off for Lausanne!

Took a BlaBlaCar over, and arrived in Lausanne around 17h00. Took the metro to my Couchsurfing host’s place (let’s call her “Joan”), and she received me at the stop. Walked over to her house (literally, one minute away), and was offered some tea and a nice, long chat. Got to know each other, as well as talk about Swiss culture, food, politics, etc (which I knew little about before!).

After about an hour, an hour-and-a-half of talking, I went to shower (much needed, since I was feeling extremely gross and tired) while Joan prepared dinner. She made a fantastic Brussels sprouts curry with rice, as I even went back for seconds! Talked some more, and later got ready for bed. She had pulled out a nice sofa bed for me, and I basically slept like a rock that night (then again, I didn’t sleep that well the night before, coming from Paris on the overnight bus).

Woke up the next day, had breakfast, and set off to explore Lausanne. Joan wasn’t able to show me around, because she had errands to run, but had been very helpful in giving me places to check out around the city. Google Maps became my best friend, as I made my way over to the Lausanne cathedral to start off my day.

Lausanne Cathedral.
Lausanne Cathedral.
Inside Lausanne Cathedral.
Inside Lausanne Cathedral.

Next, I went to the Parc de l’Hermitage, which is situated on a hill overlooking the city. Got some nice photos of the greenery, as well as a view of Lausanne (although the trees kind of obstructed it):

At Parc de l'Hermitage.
At Parc de l’Hermitage.

I descended the hill to return to the city center. Passed by Place de la Palud and Place Saint-François before deciding to head into a McDonald’s near the train station to charge my phone, since it hadn’t charged well the night before and was on five percent battery (has been acting weird since last time in Lyon, and it’s very frustrating!). Not the best thing to do, but I was desperate!

After it had finished charging for a while, I left to get lunch at Café de Grancy, a café that Joan had recommended to me. I was surprised to find that all of the tables were reserved! I didn’t even know that one needed a reservation for a café! Any case, I was lucky that I was able to get a seat at the lounge area (not a “proper” table arrangement, but still fine) to eat my meal. Charged my phone some more while I had an *impossibly* expensive meal of duck, sweet potato purée, and vegetables for 29 Swiss francs (about 28 U.S. dollars). Just for one plate that didn’t even have that big of portions- it was insane! Duck was mediocre, but the starch and vegetables were on-point. 😛

Lunch at Café de Grancy.
Lunch at Café de Grancy.

After finishing my meal, I headed off to the quai, where the Olympic Museum was located (Lausanne is known as the “Olympic Capital”). Along the way, I got a lovely shot of the lake, albeit rather cloudy:

On Lake Geneva (from Lausanne).
On Lake Geneva (from Lausanne).

Went into the Olympic Museum, where I paid 12 Swiss francs (reasonable) to check out the galleries that gave the history of the Olympic Games (dating back to ancient Greece), as well as displaying old medals, competed athletes’ uniforms and sporting equipment, and otherwise archiving the inspirational moments that unite the world in a single sporting event. Pretty neat!

Olympic Museum.
Olympic Museum.
The Olympic Flame.
The Olympic Flame.
Inside the Olympic Museum.
Inside the Olympic Museum.

Finished exploring the museum, then headed back up the hill again (Lausanne is a hilly city, which is a pain, but nevertheless a workout!) to check out Place de la Riponne and the Palais de Rumine, the latter which contains the University Library of Lausanne. Architecturally-wise, it is stunning.

Palais de Rumine.
Palais de Rumine.

I finished the day by heading back to the Lausanne Cathedral for some more photos, then made my way back to Joan’s place. After a long day of walking (and some stress from my phone’s battery), I was glad to sit down and rest.

Joan came home a few hours later, after I had (attempted) to cook something for dinner. Talked a bit more, and she was kind enough to borrow me her charger for my phone (which then charged really well- so much better!). Turned in for the night, satisfied with what I saw in Lausanne that day.

The following morning was my last day in Lausanne, as I was preparing to leave for my next destination in Switzerland. Said goodbye to Joan, thanking her for the hospitality. Definitely one of the best hosts I have had on Couchsurfing so far. Headed to the train station to buy my ticket to Bern (a whopping 33 Swiss francs- wtf?!! And only for an hour’s ride! Really, Switzerland is ridiculously expensive), and I was off!

Overall, Lausanne was a pleasure to visit. Pleasant atmosphere, with amazing company, and everything in between. More to come in the next couple of days- stay tuned! 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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15 thoughts on “Destination: Lausanne, Switzerland

    1. Thanks! Yes, things are a lot more expensive in Switzerland than in France, but knowing what and what not to spend on helps manage money!

      …and yes! My Couchsurfing experience was excellent, one of the best to date! 🙂

      1. You’re welcome, I haven’t I read something about it in another bloggers post. I didn’t even know it existed and think it’s quite clever way to see the world. I need to get out more I think. 😉

  1. Ines

    You visited quite a lot of the city 🙂 Loved to read your thoughts on Lausanne!
    And indeed Café Grancy is expensive for people visiting from abroad…

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