Pi Day!

Celebrating the wonderful day known as Pi Day. Math geeks (and pie lovers) unite!

The Finicky Cynic

Happy Pi Day, everyone!

In case you don’t know what this is, Pi Day is the day when we celebrate all things pi-related. And by pi, I am referring to 3.1415926… in mathematical terms.

This year is especially great, because it adds an extra two figures to the numerical value of pi: 3.1415, aka 3/14/15. So nerdy, but I love it. ❤

During high school, we would celebrate the day with mathematical references to the number: we would make T-shirts with cute and clever quips about pi, many of them pun-tastic (which I LOVED). A few examples:

“You’re such a cutie PI,”

“√-1 ❤ π” (translation: “I love Pi”).

“Shut your PI hole.”

“√-1 8 Σ π” (translation: “I ate some pi(e)”).

…and my own personal creation:

“I am high on Pi.”

What can I say? I’m a poet. 😛

In addition to that, we also celebrated by bringing in pies of all sorts:…

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