Destination: Avignon, France

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Next on my itinerary during my trip to the south of France last week: Avignon! 😀

While still in Nîmes, I made a day trip over to the lovely little town. After saying goodbye to and thanking my Couchsurfing host for letting me stay with them for two nights, I was off! Caught the bus at 11h00, and arrived in the town around 12h30. Immediately hopped off the bus and into town, passing through the city center and making my way to the Pont Saint-Bénézat (aka Pont d’Avignon), a medieval bridge famous for being half-finished, since it had been very costly to build, with continual floods damaging it before the project was abandoned in the 17th century. Nothing much to it, except that it stops half-way on the water. I even went on it later in the day, with a discounted ticket from the Palais des Papes, but still, it was overpriced and not worth it. Better to view it from the distance than to be on it.

…but hey, at least I can say that I’ve been on the Pont d’Avignon, to the tune of the famous song inspired by the bridge, right? 😛

~ ♫♪ “Sur le pont d’Avignon,/on y danse, on y danse/Sur le pont d’Avignon/L’on y danse tous en rond”~♪♫

Pont d'Avignon.
Pont d’Avignon.

Any case, afterwards I headed to the city center, where I visited the Palais des Papes, a medieval Gothic palace that was the former site of Christianity in the Western Europe during the Middle Ages. Even though I’m not a huge buff when it comes to religious history, the architecture alone of the palace was enough to blow me away.

Palais des Papes.
Palais des Papes.
Inside Palais des Papes.
Inside Palais des Papes.

Outside of the palace, I also got this pretty view of the city’s rooftops; I was glad that it was lovely weather that day (bright and sunny!).

A view of Avignon.
A view of Avignon.

After the Palais des Papes, I headed back to the Pont d’Avignon, where I went up and onto the bridge. As I had said, it wasn’t worth the money just to be on top of the half-finished monument, but still, at least I can say that I’ve been on it (although I didn’t dance “sur le pont d’Avignon!”). 😉

♫ "Sur le pont d'Avignon..." ♫
♫ “Sur le pont d’Avignon…” ♫

Any case, I had wanted to see the Rocher des Doms, as I was able to access it from the Pont d’Avignon, but unfortunately, I didn’t have much time until I needed to head back to the bus station to catch my bus back to Nîmes. Sadly, I forgo the excursion, and went back to the station. Caught my bus back at 16h30, and arrived around 18h00 in Nîmes, where the teaching assistant who I was going to stay with for the night received me. Walked over to her flat, and from there, the day in Avignon was done.

While it was a brief trip to Avignon (I ended up spending only three or so hours there), nevertheless I was able to experience the small, charming town. Definitely reminded me of Canterbury in England, with its small size, medieval atmosphere, and religious history. Really, Avignon was a cute town.

All right, that’s it for now! We’re moving on to our next destination tomorrow: Aix-en-Provence!

— The Finicky Cynic

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