Birthday Reflections…


Yes, today is my birthday! Whoohoo! 😀

Really, it’s a bit strange for me this year, considering that it is the first time that I am not at home (“home” as in the United States) to celebrate it, with my friends and family. True, I will probably get text messages and Facebook notifications from them, wishing me a “happy birthday,” but really, it isn’t the same as in person. Not that it’s bad that I’m far away with others to celebrate, but again, it is a little weird.

This feeling is sort of similar to that when I was traveling over the Christmas holidays: being far away from home and not “traditionally” celebrating with my loved ones. Being young and moving out halfway across the world for a year definitely makes you step back and realize how certain moments are taken for granted, especially from “home” home.

Since hitting my twenties, I have cared less about wanting gifts and cakes for such events, but nevertheless still have fond memories of them from childhood. While they are materialistic things, gifts and cakes are also representative of familial love and unity, being together and enjoying each other’s company. I suppose the latter is what I miss since moving abroad to France. Yes, I do value my independence, but I also treasure intimate moments with others.

People around my age are complaining that they are getting old, or that they are “so old.” I think that is bullshit. Being in one’s twenties is far from being old; you might feel old (e.g. tired from work, preferring to Netflix-and-chill rather than go out and party), but you are not actually old. Really, you can’t compare yourself to octogenarians! Perhaps you aren’t that wild, party animal that you were while back in college anymore, but still: your heart’s functioning, your body can still take that extra slice of chocolate cake that you had at midnight, and you have all the freedom to go out and explore- whether through a plethora of odd-end jobs, a new passion, or an ambitious, eight-month stay in France (*ahem). 😉 Getting older is not an excuse to complain about missing out on opportunities to discover- if anything, it is to take those opportunities while they still exist, and go with them!

I am realizing that this post is turning out to be quite the manifesto, which I hadn’t intended to do. Originally, I meant for this post to be more lighthearted, but then all of these thoughts just came out and onto the computer keyboard. Surprisingly though, I think they turned out well- hopefully, everything that I wrote is coherent to you. 😛

Any case, how will I be celebrating my day of birth this year? First things first, I already have plans to attend this play performance with my middle school colleagues and students in the morning; it is a fairy-tale play for les sixièmes, but should be a nice time to spend with people. Afterwards, I will be out of town, heading to another destination in France (a secret!) for the long weekend, as it will be Easter. Wishing for a pleasant time! 🙂

…and oh, I had purchased a lovely, small bottle of rosé wine for dinner, as a sort of treat to myself. With the exception of the first day that I moved to France back in September, I have never purchased alcohol for consumption in my flat, for personal reasons. However, it is indeed a special day for me, and it is not a huge bottle- perhaps enough for two to three glasses of wine. Of course, I can’t be *too* hungover when I am away for the weekend! 😉


All right, that’s it for now! Wishing myself a happy birthday in Europe, and you a wonderful day. Cheers! 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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22 thoughts on “Birthday Reflections…

  1. Its your birthday! You are in Francia! You have a Bottle of wine! This is fantastic! There is time for everything, celebrates today and enjoy your family and friends when you’re with them! cheer up! and Happy Birthday to you!

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