Destination: Melk and Dürnstein, Austria

Hello, folks!

This travel post will actually be shorter than the previous, 1000-plus word monsters that I have been churning out these last few days. Shocker, I know(!), but basically these two particular destinations while on my vacation in April (Melk and Dürnstein) were such small little towns that they were simply a matter of just passing through them, for the gorgeous, scenery of the Wachau Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its views of the Danube River, green hills, and picturesque vineyards. More on that later.

Any case, after visiting the cities of Passau and Český Krumlov (in Germany and the Czech Republic, respectively), the cruise ship sailed to Melk, Austria, where we only spent half a day visiting the Melk Abbey, a thousand-year-old monastery with a gorgeous library and lovely decorated frescoes and gold-ornate naves. It was no more than a three-hour visit, but nevertheless a sight to see.

The nave inside Melk Abbey.
The nave inside Melk Abbey.
Melk Abbey outside (half under construction!).
Melk Abbey outside (half under construction!).

The ship sailed off around 14h00, and along our way to the next destination, Dürnstein, we cruised through the Wachau Valley, a 25-mile stretch which again, is known for its picturesque landscape views and strings of castles and ruins along the way. Photos could not do justice to how gorgeous the dips and bends of the valley were. ❤

Beautiful, isn't it?
Beautiful, isn’t it?

We arrived in Dürnstein around 16h00. Some cruise passengers were signed up to go out for a wine-tasting tour in town, but my parents and I had chosen not to partake in that. Instead, we explored the extremely tiny city (yes, Dürnstein has been considered a “city” by its 900 or so inhabitants). 😛 Frankly, there wasn’t much to see in the “city,” a place where King Richard the Lionheart had been held captive by the Duke of Austria back in the 12th century. Despite the otherwise sleepy town (*ahem “city”) of Dürnstein, there were in fact some ruins of an old castle, located high above a hill, which interested me. I climbed the rather steep, rocky hill for a steady fifteen to twenty minutes (whew!), and was rewarded with stately views of the ruins and of the Wachau Valley in the late afternoon sun. Got my photo opportunities in, before descending and returning back to the ship. The ship set off in the evening towards our next destination, which will be featured in the upcoming post!

View from the top!
View from the top!
The ruins.
The ruins.

A brief post, as I had already told you, but hope you enjoyed it! More to follow very soon. 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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