Destination: Bratislava, Slovakia

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Continuing on with my cruise through Europe during the past April vacation: after going through a handful of cities in Austria (Linz, Melk, Dürnstein, and Vienna), we made our way out and into Bratislava, the capital of the small country of Slovakia (not to be confused with Slovenia, another country which I have heard is quite different from it). This post will be a short one, as we spent no more than three hours taking in the city, which is not very big to begin with.

Our tour started at 8h30, and just like with the excursion in Vienna, we took a sightseeing bus around the city, through the districts and up to the Bratislava Castle on top of the hill. What makes this castle so interesting is that it provides a view not only of the city, but also the bordering countries around Slovakia, including Austria and Hungary- in fact, Bratislava is at the crossroads of different European countries! Quite neat, eh?

Bratislava Castle.
Bratislava Castle.
A view from the bottom...
A view from the bottom…
View of Bratislava.
Vieusw of Bratislava.

We spent no more than twenty minutes at the castle (didn’t go inside, as it was a museum, and it was probably not opened yet) before taking the bus down to the city center. We walked around, with the tour guide giving us some history of Bratislava during the Communist era, showing us buildings in which several cannonballs and their shell can still be seen today. She pointed out Michael’s Gate, which is part of what used to be medieval fortifications of the city, and is one of the oldest landmarks in Bratislava. At first, I thought that it was a church- turned out that it wasn’t!

Michael's Gate.
Michael’s Gate.
In the city center.
In the city center.

We walked past many souvenir shops that sold typical Slovak treats, including honey wine and such. Ended at the city’s Old Town, and that was about it for our visit in Bratislava. Now, we were given time afterwards to explore more, before needing to head back to the cruise ship, which was set to leave around 14h00. However, my parents and I didn’t have much interest in exploring more, as we felt that we had seen all that there was to see. In that case, we just headed back to the cruise ship, had lunch, and relaxed for the rest of the day.

Old Town.
Old Town.

Very short post, but in any case, Bratislava was a nice, little place to visit. I hadn’t had much interest in Slovakia beforehand, but regardless this trip definitely did pique my curiosity. Not sure if I’ll come back another time, but at least I was able to get a taste of it, even if for just a few hours!

More to come later: we will be finishing up at my final destination along the Danube for this trip. Next (and last) stop: Budapest, Hungary! 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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