Mother’s Day

Reflections on life, motherhood, and my own mother. Happy Mother’s Day 2016!

The Finicky Cynic

Hello, fellow Cynics.

Yes, today is Mother’s Day, the second Sunday of May. To me, the month of May seems more…brighter. Maybe it’s because the sun is out more and the flowers are actually blooming outside of my house (’cause they were utterly dead in April :P). Or maybe it’s because we know that summer is just around the corner and the countdown to summer vacation is something that we look to, while we’re in the midst of studying and/or working.

But I digress: yes, May is a beautiful month, full of life, and I think it’s the ideal time for celebrating the individual who did, in fact, bring us life into this world.

So instead of doing a rant today, I thought that I would pause for a bit and reflect on the idea of maternity, Mother’s Day, and all of that good stuff.

Motherhood: Generally, the word seems…

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