Destination: Corniglia, Italy

Postcard Snapshot #3: Corniglia, Italy

Corniglia perched on the cliff.
Corniglia perched on the cliff.

The smallest village of the five in the Cinque Terre, Corniglia is also the only village not to be right beside the sea, but rather located one hundred meters high on a cliff. As a result, one needs to climb 365 or so steps all the way up to reach the town. Considering that I was staying there for the four nights that I was in the Cinque Terre, it was definitely a workout! Oof! 😛

While tiny, Corniglia is still very charming with its historic center, small side streets, and cute boutiques and cafés. I dined in Corniglia three nights in a row, and the food was fresh, local, and delicious! Good stuff. 🙂

I explored Corniglia during my free time when I wasn’t busy hiking to other villages. Wandered through the historic town, as well as weaved my way through a small vineyard located near the sea. Tasted the local wines of both Corniglia and the Cinque Terre (red and wine- gotta love the intense Italian wines!), as well as the sciacchetrà, the local dessert wine. Enjoyed an apéritif at a wine-tasting bar, which had this really cute outside patio with an incredible view of the colorful houses and the sea- ordered some wine and anchovies, and enjoyed myself while soaking up the late afternoon sun. That is what I call “living.”

Some vineyards.
Some vineyards.

More Cinque Terre posts later. Arrivederci! 😀

— The Finicky Cynic

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