Trade Hearts- Jason Derulo feat. Julia Michaels (SSJ #22)

Happy Sunday, folks!

It has been a while since I posted my last “Sunday Slow Jams,” as I was super busy during the month of April (working and traveling in Europe). Now that I am back in the United States and planning my next steps for my post-grad life, I am able to step back, slow down, and resume my *mostly* weekly “Sunday Slow Jams!” (“mostly,” because I haven’t necessarily been consistent with doing so every, single week. But I try. #dontjudge). 😛

This week’s slow jam is “Trade Hearts” by Jason Derulo featuring Julia Michaels. Quiet and soaring, the song combines classic elements like the piano and violin with the contemporary use of electronic synths to create a slow-burning duet about a broken relationship that the two personas are nevertheless trying to mend together.

I first heard this song in my hostel in Amsterdam (yes, of all places!). Almost immediately, I was blown away by its power-ballad melody. While not a perfect song (I admit, it gets a bit repetitive, and personally, Michaels’ voice isn’t strong enough to match Derulo’s rich vibrato and command of the falsetto), “Trade Hearts” still won me over with the singers’ emotional investment and musical production. Definitely tugged at my heart-strings, to put it “pun-intentionally” (aha! See what I did there?). 😉

Before, I never really cared for Jason Derulo’s music, as I found them either too over-produced (with tons of Auto-tune), or just…nasty (seriously, “Wiggle” has got to be his worst song ever!). But finding songs such as “Trade Hearts” that showcase his true vocal ability- ’cause he genuinely has a good voice!- and is actually decent, in the end, redeems him for the other *shitty* songs he puts out.

Any case, give “Trade Hearts” a go; more regular “Sunday Slow Jam” posts to come soon! 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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