Al Mare (poem)

(Inspired by my recent trip to Italy’s Cinque Terre, I decided to share this poem with you. Enjoy!).

Al Mare (for the Cinque Terre)

Step by step, the hike
never seemed so treacherous
as the rocks appear to tumble
to the sea— beside rustic vineyards
yielding grapes full of sugar
that transport you
to climates yellow like the sun.

Heat splashed against houses on cliffs
for a painter’s delight. Such watercolors
of the deep mare are ready to tease you
with welcoming eyes, sweet like anchovies
and sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil
together a tri-colored patrimony.

It pains me to sit here on the rocks
and wonder if this is a dream
I’ll have to wake from soon
on the next plane home, miles away
from a friend, a lover,
the five lands far across the blue
still resting on my mind.

— The Finicky Cynic

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