A Week in Los Angeles (Food Edition!)

Hi there, folks! 🙂

Since being back home in Los Angeles, I have taken it upon myself not only to catch up with family and friends, but also with eating! Seriously, I was missing good food in France; not that France doesn’t have multicultural cuisine (it does), but it’s nothing compared to the quality of that in Los Angeles itself. I grew up with the convenience of having different cuisines– Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Mexican, American– literally at my fingertips: all delicious, home-comfort food.

That said, I was absolutely craving some solid Asian food (heck, even Mexican tacos!) even before returning to Los Angeles. I was super happy that my parents, after picking me up from the airport, took me out to Korean food for dinner. No questions asked: the bibimbap (“mixed rice”) that I ordered was phenomenal. Even though I’ve eaten that dish way too many times in that same restaurant, the fact that I had zero Asian food while in France (well, Indian food was an exception…) made the “food homecoming,” as I call it, even sweeter. Yum yum. 😛


More Korean food the following week, this time in the form of…fried chicken! You may not know this, but Korean fried chicken exists, and it’s AMAZING. I think that it’s even better than the standard, ol’ American KFC ones (although I do love them, too)! What makes the Korean version different is that the chicken is fried twice, and comes out not just extra crispy, but also transparent and crackling. Also sweet and well-seasoned, as the meat inside is super tender, juicy, and flavorful. That day was the first time that I tried Korean fried chicken, and I couldn’t believe that I had missed out on something so incredible for a long time!

Tastes sooo much better than it looks!
Tastes sooo much better than it looks!

Of course, the meal wasn’t complete without some delicious boba milk tea! While it does exist in France, the boba over there is more expensive and not as good. I’m a die-hard fan, and so I had a make a pit-stop over there before getting the fried chicken! You can’t go wrong with taro milk tea with boba!


To top off my first week home, I had tacos after work. Seafood tacos, to be precise. Three tacos– two fish, one shrimp– with rice and chips on the side, ahhh…it was no doubt that I was finally re-assimilated into the Los Angeles food scene. ❤

Tacos galore!
Tacos galore!

While I still miss Europe dearly (and its delicious cuisines), having food back in Los Angeles made me realize how much I’ve also missed home. Food has that way with you, I believe: to make you nostalgic of a place once visited and one that you grew up in. Plus, it’s freakin’ delicious. 😛

The food that I’ve shown you in this post are only those from my first week back in Los Angeles; I have plenty more to share with you, so stay tuned next week for another (might even make this a mini-series, why not?). Take care- bon appétit!

— The Finicky Cynic

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  1. Hey! Sorry, this comment is irrelevant. But I just wanted to say that you liked and commented on my Goa post but I deleted that one and put up an updated one and so I couldn’t respond to your comment. Just wanted to say that I appreciate it and I’m so excited to see nor of Goa! 🙂

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