Five Facts About Me!

Hey there, bloggers!

It has been a long time since I’ve done an easy-breezy post in which I give you facts about myself. True, I did a lot of those early in my blogging career, but with my blog taking off since then, I’ve been putting out other stuff (poetry, traveling, music, random thoughts) that I am passionate about. ❤

However, this is not to say that I don’t like taking a step back and doing these “get-to-know-me” posts. In fact, I love them, and sometimes I even go to other blogger’s facts post to learn more about them (not stalking you, I swear…). 😛 I guess you could say that there’s still that small, list-loving teenager hidden inside of me (heck, I still love lists!).

Inspired by A Splash of Mimosa’s post, I have decided to take part in this “facts-about-me” survey, categorized in lists of five items, from my five favorite foods to the five places I want to visit in the future. Really neat thing to pass the time with, am I right?

So, here you go: get to know me more! Feel free to do this survey yourself, but make sure to link it back to me and to A Splash of Mimosa (whom I got this from) when you’re done. Enjoy, m’dears! 🙂

Angor Wat, Cambodia. Taken from

1. Five places I’m dying to visit
Istanbul, Turkey
Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines)
New Orleans, Louisiana (U.S.)

Mapo tofu…I eat this a lot. Taken from

2. Five foods I eat every day
green vegetables (broccoli, spinach, kale, some Chinese vegetable I don’t know the name of in English)
some type of meat (chicken or pork)

*NOTE: these are foods that I eat in the U.S. When I was living in France, I ate different foods. But since I’m back home, I list these dishes here.

I wish… Taken from Pinterest.

3. Five talents I wish I had
Charm. To get away with things and make people love me #goals. 😉
Learn languages easily. You can say that I “know” three languages, but I’m only fluent in one of them; to be able to learn languages facilely and to be fluent in them would be a dream.
Make perfect macarons. Trust me; I’ve tried. And tried. Never worked!
Gaydar (or lesbian gaydar). It’s hard for me to know if my crush is gay or not; it’s hard enough to tell if he/she even likes me! Might as well expand this to having a “lovedar…” 😛
Play piano by ear. I am so incredibly jealous of those pianists who can learn pieces without reading music! I’m a traditionalist, having been trained to sight read as a kid. Imagine how many different songs I can play if I learned by ear!

4. Five bloggers I wish would cook for me every day
baguettes and boarding passes
shiawase days
Mensore Girl (formerly The Nakachan Life)

*unfortunately, I don’t follow that many food blogs, but here’s the best that I got!

5. Five Instagram accounts I love
penguin (noticing a lot of “P” accounts here…)
davidmuirabc (and lots of “Davids,” I assume?!)

Aww… Taken from

6. Five things I wear almost every day
A bra
Exercise shorts (at home)
Glasses (I’m blind as a bat) 😛
Hair-tie (My hair is difficult to tame, so I solve the problem that way!)

Dolly zoom on-point. Taken from

7. Five songs I listen to on repeat (currently)
Troye Sivan- Youth
One Direction- Perfect
Jason Derulo- Marry Me & Trade Hearts
Talyor Swift- How You Get the Girl
Coldplay- Up&Up

#mylife. Taken from Pinterest.

8. Five beauty products I use every day (wouldn’t say they’re beauty products, but still things I put on myself nonetheless)
lip balm
acne cream (how attractive…)
sunscreen (when I go outside)
concealer (if I have blemishes and am trying to impress someone)

Taken from

9. Five movies I can watch on repeat
Last Holiday
Bright Star
I Can’t Think Straight

10. Five books on my current reading list
La fête clandestine- Rachid Chebli
Elena Undone- Nicole Conn
Kiffe kiffe demain- Faiza Guène
The Metamorphosis- Franz Kafka
Lolita- Vladimir Nabokov

Here’s what a stroopwafel looks like! Taken from Huffington Post.

11. Five random things I ate yesterday
a Stroopwafel (if you don’t know what it is, then you’re missing out!)
Korean fried chicken
KFC fried chicken (yes, lots of fried chicken!)
Ranier cherries (one of my favorite fruits)

That’s it for me! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, bloggers. 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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20 thoughts on “Five Facts About Me!

    1. Come on, Ratatouille is the best film ever! Just because it’s for children doesn’t mean adults can’t appreciate it, too! Yes, OD is one of those tween/teen-geared boy bands, but you can’t deny their songs are catchy!

  1. That Weird Brown Girl

    Mulan is my absolute fave and my go-to movie! (Right after the Lion King! :P) I love reading your posts btw! Your travelogue is GOALS. And do come down to India, and I’ll show you around! 😀

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